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West Coast Designs Dunsborough Building Design Philosophy


My attraction to residential architecture never wanes because each project is unique and different from the previous or the next: site conditions differ and clients’ needs differ.

I am committed to achieving design excellence and I approach each project with enthusiasm, creativity and attention to detail. Good house design contributes to a happy living environment.

The starting point for every project is listening to and understanding my clients’ needs and helping them to develop a descriptive brief. This part of the design process can increase efficiency by channelling the building design in the right direction from the start.

My aim is to respond to my clients’ requirements in a creative and original way while still being practical and functional. Functionality also embraces energy efficiency and ensures that the house is comfortable to live in within the constraints of the required star rating. Employing the principals of solar passive design goes a long way towards achieving this.

Understanding site conditions is also critical and this is best achieved by spending a good amount of time on the block at different times of the day. My knowledge of local climatic conditions is the result of living in the area for more than 25 years and is an essential part of the design process.

Site conditions play a major role in the formulation of a building design, responding to factors such as north sun, prevailing winds and rain, the need for privacy and the essential marriage of indoor and outdoor living.

External spaces and landscape design should ideally be consider as part of the building design process and both these elements contribute greatly to the creation of a happy living environment.

Many home owners in my area are happy with the location of their house but are recognising a need to modernise the property and add extra space. I thoroughly enjoy the process of changing the appearance of tired older houses, incorporating a modern, well designed and functional kitchen and creating additional space where required.


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